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About this training

Being aware of diversity labels is not enough to deliver the results that will lead to a more creative, responsive and inclusive work environment.  If you want to deliver lasting culture change, you’ll need fresh approaches to how you communicate, solve problems, make decisions and work together. Leading beyond labels explores personal and corporate behaviors. It then equips you with practical strategies to overcome our interpersonal programming.

Practical strategies to overcome your interpersonal programming.

Your outcomes

  • Understanding the impact of labels on workplace relationships
  • Building a culture of system 2 thinking
  • Planning and executing a strategy to change your thinking
  • Building support for cultural continuous improvement personally and collectively

Training content

  • Taking stock of the functional, cultural and personal labels that matter at work
  • Building awareness of labels and system 1 thinking in your organization
  • Switching to a system 2 thinking organization
  • Practical tools for
    • Assuming we don’t understand
    • Getting beneath the obvious
    • Dialoguing to gain more information and more choices
  • Creating safe environments for yourself and others
  • Using strategic influencing to manage beyond labels
  • Coaching others in beyond label behaviors
  • Never wasting a good conflict
  • Implementing an experimental approach in communication change
  • Developing practical actions you can implement in your workplace
  • Measuring and celebrating your progress

Tools for creating a responsive, inclusive work environment.

Build support for continuous improvement personally and collectively.

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