Empowering conversations in a diverse workplace

Diversity Training

About this training

Authentic and meaningful conversations are the building blocks of an inclusive environment. However, in practice, it can be challenging to have these empowering conversations in a diverse workplace.  We may be unsure of what we have in common, don’t want to say the wrong things or say the right things in the wrong way, and want to avoid losing face. This practical training will support you in developing the skills to have empowering conversations and build positive working relationships with others, no matter their background or your environment.

Build skills to have conversations no matter their background or your environment.

Your outcomes

  • Consider your unique environments
  • Understand the requirements for empowering conversations
  • Show respect for difference
  • Harness the power of a common purpose
  • Improve conversations for everyone strategically, operationally and personally

Training content

  • Showing respect in a diverse environment
  • Managing the discomfort of difference
  • Taking an “assume less, ask more approach” to conversations
  • Understanding the anatomy of empowering conversations
  • Agreeing on the behaviors of empowering conversations with others
  • Preparing yourself before having a conversation
  • Suspending judgement to foster open conversations
  • Working your listening muscle
  • Creative decision making and problem solving
  • Using the building blocks of empowerment – autonomy, mastery and purpose
  • Valuing relationships in a task-based culture
  • Debriefing your conversations through asking for and giving feedback

Learn to harness the power of a common purpose.

Improve conversations strategically, operationally and personally.

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