Working with collaborative technologies

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About this training

This practical seminar is aimed at professionals wishing to improve their confidence when working with collaborative technologies in English. Learn to communicate with confidence, ensure full participation, minimize confusion and ensure your meetings are effective, efficient … and human.

Training content

Your outcomes

  • Appreciating the specific challenges of communicating via collaborative technologies
  • Setting the scene and managing expectations and assumptions
  • Using effective protocol (turn taking, describing actions, etc.)
  • Picking up general ideas and specific information
  • Stating a position clearly and exchanging factual information
  • Inviting other participants to comment
  • Entering and maintaining a discussion
  • Providing product and process details
  • Recognizing tone and formality and responding appropriately
  • Reformulating contributions of others and confirming understanding
  • Managing interruptions and disruptions
  • Building confidence through practice, practice, practice

Develop key language to actively participate when using collaborative technologies.

Gain confidence when working in English with collaborative technologies.

Acquire the skills necessary to guide remote collaboration and communication.

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