English for call centers and service centers

Business English Training

Communicate with confidence.
Convey your message clearly.
Build customer relationships.

English for call centers and service centers

Outstanding customer service can make the difference in a competitive world.  Our business English training solutions for call centers & service centers are designed to develop, practice and transfer the language and skills you need to be successful and build satisfaction and loyalty.

“Every customer is a unique person and it’s important to be able to adapt your communication when working with them. On the other hand, experienced agents know that conversations have a structure and rhythm. Our task is to bring these two aspects together, helping you do your job with confidence in English.”

Brenda van Seters

Training content

  • Taking calls and requests
  • Communicating B2B and B2C
  • Applying the RATER model to your customer interactions
  • Registering and documenting calls and actions
  • Managing your customers’ expectations
  • Uncovering key information through questioning
  • Dealing with dissatisfaction and distress
  • Using the  opportunity of a complaint
  • Controlling conversations
  • Listening for explicit and implicit messages
  • Solving problems
  • Delivering unwanted news
  • Saying sorry
  • Escalating calls
  • Communicating with support levels
  • Comparing communication methods
  • Matching the message to the medium
  • Using email effectively and efficiently
  • Developing professional telephoning techniques
  • Training and coaching others
  • Giving instructions and setting tasks
  • Virtual Delivery

  • Modular Delivery

  • Face to face Delivery

  • Customized for specific audience

  • Supported by guided learning / elearning

  • Adapt and intergrate in existing program

  • Flexible group size

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