Effective communication skills
for customer service professionals

Interpersonal Skills Training

About this training

As a customer service professional your goal is to connect with your customer, and communication skills are a critical component of customer service. Effectively communicating with your customer means active listening, managing expectations, conveying messages, dealing with emotions, negotiating, influencing and more. This training is for all customer service professionals who would like to improve their communication with their customers– and provide a better level of service.

Improve communication, strengthen trust and build customer loyalty.

Your outcomes

  • Develop and harmonizr core communication skills and behaviors
  • Consider approaches to communicating in a more customer-orientated manner
  • Understand the impact of effective communication on CSAT scores
  • Appreciate and respond to the challenges of how culture impacts communication

Training content

  • Responding clearly to customer needs and expectations
  • Communicating using the RATER model as a framework for behaviors and language
  • Applying the 3 dimensions of customer service to your communication
  • Listening to learn, and learning to listen
  • Understanding the value of complaints
  • Responding to ‘emotional’ customers
  • Recognizing/dealing with service breakdowns
  • Integrating best-practice etiquette into your customer communication
  • Resolving conflicts through problem solving and negotiating
  • Empowering the customer
  • Building satisfaction and loyalty

Engage with your customers in the 3 dimensions of service.

Achieve CSAT with your knowledge of the RATER model.

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How to say no to customers

A practical guide for B2B service professionals

Great customer service doesn’t always mean saying yes to everything – and sometimes you can’t, shouldn’t or mustn’t say yes to every request. Sometimes you need to say no to customers. As counter-intuitive as it may sound, sometimes saying no is about building relationships!


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