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Presentation Skills Training

This hands-on seminar is aimed at anyone who needs to start presenting in English.  Whether you are giving updates on projects, describing products or outlining processes, this seminar will help you build structure and confidence when presenting in English. You will ensure your message is heard, understood and remembered.

What you’ll learn

  • Sharpen your fluency when presenting in English.
  • Learn how to structure a presentation to communicate effectively.
  • {ractice tailoring your presentation to your audiences’ needs (WIIFM).
  • Build a time-saving language toolbox for structuring presentations.
  • Practice using visuals effectively.
  • Learn to use your body and voice to get your message across.
  • Develop techniques to anticipate and deal with simple questions.
  • Develop the confidence to get up and do it.

Typical training topics

Using a practical coaching approach, this seminar looks at:

  • Ensuring audience-orientation (WIIFM model).
  • Focusing on your key message.
  • Developing an appropriate structure (‘Tell Them’ model).
  • Making an effective introduction.
  • Using signposts to show direction.
  • Building a language toolbox.
  • Giving status updates and/or describing work processes.
  • Using the voice – 4Ps: power, pace, pitch and pause.
  • Using and describing visuals and graphics.
  • Concluding effectively (and why a summary is not a conclusion).
  • Dealing with questions with confidence and the 4Rs technique.
  • Practice, practice and practice.
martin wheeler target training

“Presenting in a foreign language can be very stressful. A good structure is essential — it will show your meaning, carry your key messages and help you to remember your lines! We’ll combine the language you need with presentation tips and tricks and then practice this to build your confidence.”

Martin Wheeler

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