Presenting across cultures

Intercultural & Presentations Skills Training

This seminar challenges you to reflect and adapt how you plan, prepare and deliver your presentations to mono- and multi-cultural audiences. By taking into account your audience’s cultural preferences when planning and delivering your presentation you will better connect, inform and persuade.  We’ll use an “own-case “approach, making this seminar ideal for all professionals regularly presenting to international audiences.

What you’ll learn

  • Apply the head, hand & heart approach to ensure audience-focused presentations.
  • Analyze your audiences needs and preferences.
  • Integrate your awareness of your audience’s culture to your planning and delivery process.
  • Develop your ability to deliver a memorable message.
  • Prepare to transfer the training into your workplace.

Typical training topics

Planning for impact
  • what do I want to achieve?
  • what do I know about my audience?
  • what approach will interest my audience?
Messaging to multi-cultural audiences
  • applying awareness of key cultural dimensions
  • developing strategies to identify potential pitfalls
  • focusing on classic cultural derailers
    • individualism – communitarianism (appealing to the individual or group)
    • neutral – affective ( displaying emotions and personal feelings)
  • remaining authentic while respecting your audience’s cultural preferences
Building clarity through structure
  • compelling introductions
  • building an argument
  • signposting and labeling for clarity
  • concluding effectively
Getting the message across
  • telling the story
  • reinforcing the message through positive imagery and wording
  • making the message stick with anecdotes and examples
  • using your voice – 5P approach
  • choosing your non-verbal signals
Seizing the opportunity of questions
  • dealing with questions – 4R technique
  • getting the ball rolling and keeping control
  • dealing with difficult / hostile questions
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