Designing presentations with IMPACT

Presentation Skills Training

Design presentations that call your audience to action, build credibility and transmit vital information. Quickly and efficiently improve your presentation preparation. Practical tools and techniques for designing presentations that will impress your audience and increase your success.

What you’ll learn

  • Clarify your purpose.
  • Identify your audience’s needs and approaches.
  • Structure your presentation with different models.
  • Include potential questions from the audience.
  • Build rapport with your audience.
  • Avoid problems in presentations.
  • Transfer intention into action and implement new skills on the job.

Typical training topics

  • 4 Ds of the presentation process.
  • Reverse engineering your presentations with the IMPACT Model.
  • Identifying the “Feel, Know, Do” for your audience.
  • Making your message meaningful and memorable.
  • Integrating clear structures for clear communication.
  • Working backwards – what questions might your audience have before you start.
  • Building rapport by design – it’s about effort, not charisma.
  • Using relevant stories and metaphors to bring your presentation alive.
  • Identifying and living the Big Don’ts of design.
  • Concluding as a new beginning.
  • Installing an ongoing improvement process through action-oriented debriefing.
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