The 70-20-10 model

Benefit from training that delivers tangible business results

Increases overall engagement by repositioning learning and development as something everyone is responsible for.
Increases the impact and efficiency of training solutions by bringing learning and development into your workplace.
Maximizes the return on your training budget by speeding up learning and development.

The 70-20-10 model

Whether you are working in L&D, management or purchasing, the 70-20-10 model brings you clear benefits whatever your role.The 70-20-10 model reflects the increasing awareness that we learn by “doing” and not just by “knowing”. 70-20-10 reinforces a common-sense approach that we learn most of the knowledge, skills and behaviours we need to perform our jobs through actual experience and working alongside others – and not in the classroom.

The model has its origins in the work of McCall, Eichinger and Lombardo from the Centre for Creative Leadership, and shows:

Learning and development comes from experience (on-the-job).
Learning and development through others (social learning).
Learning and development through structured training.

How does it work?

Our in-house training solutions ensure your business English and soft skills training reflect the way you actually learn: through structured training and on-the-job experience. The model, and the ratios, should be seen as a philosophy and not a rigid recipe. The key is to understand and accept that the majority of real learning actually happens outside of the classroom, and that learning and development programs should proactively support this.


Learning and development through own experience

  • On-the-job training brings learning into your business
  • Shadowing you in action followed by self-, peer- and trainer feedback
  • Event coaching
  • Reflection on experiences via learning logs and personal learning plans to reinforce learning

Learning and development through others

  • Informal feedback and work debriefs
  • Building networks
  • In-house social platforms
  • Peer coaching

Learning and development through structured training

  • Groups and 1-1s
  • Seminars & workshops
  • Training through collaborative technologies
  • Blended learning

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