The ideal approach to training and development


A data-driven approach to problem solving and product improvement

DMAIC is the five-step improvement cycle used to optimize and stabilize business processes and design. Although originally developed as the key tool to drive Six Sigma projects, DMAIC is an ideal approach for training and development too. The systematic application of the DMAIC principles ensures that training is relevant, appropriate and results-focused. This maximizes the return on your training expectations.

DMAIC is an integral part of Six Sigma but it can be implemented as a stand-alone quality- or process improvement initiative. The concept of improvement is simple; if you want to improve the outputs of a process, you improve the inputs and/or the process itself. DMAIC helps us do that.


  • What do you want to achieve through the training?
  • What do your staff need to do to work effectively?


  • What can your staff already do?
  • Who does and does not have a training need?


  • How big is the gap between abilities and needs?
  • What is the most effective training solution?


  • Training is focused, flexible and practical.
  • Training is work related and effective, with immediate results.


Training is judged by the results. A chain of evidence needs to be displayed through assessing satisfaction, learning, behavior and results.

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