Facilitating meetings and workshops

Meeting & Faciliation Skills

Meet objectives through real participation – which leads to tangible buy-in.
Learn to plan, guide and manage a group event.
Build confidence in your facilitation skills.

Facilitating meetings and workshops

As management styles evolve, and collaborative teams become the norm, facilitation skills are increasingly important for managers and specialists. This hands-on seminar is for managers and specialists who currently, or expect to, facilitate meetings, workshops and conferences. Typical participants are looking to acquire new and proven tools to deliver outcome-oriented meetings  and boost their confidence when facing the unexpected.

Your outcomes

  • Develop your understanding and appreciation of the role of the facilitator and the tangible benefits that effective facilitation bring
  • Develop a checklist for effectively preparing to facilitate
  • Practice a wide range of facilitation methods
  • Develop and implement a process for facilitating
  • Prepare to manage the unexpected
  • Set the scene for transferring your newly acquired facilitation skills back to your workplace
  • Virtual Delivery

  • Modular Delivery

  • Face to face Delivery

Training content

  • Facilitating – what does it really mean?
  • Valuing the benefits of effective facilitating
  • Identifying key values, attitudes, skills and behaviors needed by an effective facilitator
  • Setting the scene for successful facilitation
  • Understanding the facilitation rainbow
  • Selecting and implementing appropriate facilitation methods
  • Sharpening fundamental communication skills
  • Validating, valuing and giving feedback
  • Revitalizing the group
  • Managing difficult people in difficult situations
  • Mastering the facilitation process
  • Transferring training into the workplace
  • Customized for specific audience

  • Supported by guided learning / elearning

  • Adapt and intergrate in existing program

  • Flexible group size

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