Emailing & telephoning with confidence

Business English & Communication Skills Training

About this training

This highly practical seminar supports professionals who wish to communicate more effectively by transferring information accurately AND ensuring messages are understood as they were intended. You will improve your confidence and competence when working in English via email or over the phone helping you to build healthy working relationships, save time and reduce unnecessary stress.

Key language and structures for email and telephone communication.

Your outcomes

  • Increase your confidence and competence
  • Develop your ability to manage your typical and routine tasks
  • Learn time-saving strategies for planning and writing emails
  • Implement proven techniques and models to ensure professional communication
  • Built a language toolbox of phrases necessary for communicating effectively and productively

Training content

  • Reviewing the fundamentals for effective communication
  • Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of communicating via email and telephone
  • Planning to save you time, improve your communication and reduce stress
  • Using structure and format to ensure clarity and results in emails
  • Implementing time-saving email models
  • Applying effective language when writing emails
  • Dealing with typical tasks and scenarios via email and telephone
  • Using the telephone effectively and appropriately
  • Taking the fear out of telephoning in English
  • Building a toolbox of power phrases for telephoning in English
  • Transferring the training back to your workplace

Build a time-saving language toolbox of power phrases for telephoning in English.

Time-saving strategies for planning and writing emails.

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The big eBook of English email phrases

A successful email is one that is opened, read, understood, and acted upon – and one that makes people willing to work with you

This eBook contains useful standard English email phrases for you to use.The phrases have been categorized under sensible headings and have been further divided into formal, neutral and informal language.

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