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English for Financial Controllers

Our English training solutions for Financial Controllers are designed to ensure that participants gain confidence in the use of specific terms and methods of presenting information by working through practical and relevant situations.

For CEF levels A2-C1.

Typical training topics

  • Financial accounting terminology and processes
  • Forecasting and closing
  • Communicating with non-financial colleagues
  • Communicating numbers, data and their real meaning
  • Managing the cash flow
  • Providing reports
  • Preparing and reviewing financial documentation
  • Drafting disclosure schedules and requirements
  • Managing balance sheets and account reconciliations
  • Implementing adequate controls and processes
  • Recommending and managing change
  • Business planning
  • Meeting and exceeding annual metrics
  • Managing the inventory processes
  • Managing budgets
  • Creating and documenting processes

Key language and structures for developing long-term relationships.

Build confidence and accuracy when communicating in English.

“I see two priorities. The need to communicate needs and requests clearly and simply is important for all professionals, but it is essential for financial controllers. Secondly, being able to explain technical language, processes and results to non-financial colleagues in the field is a must. This is what makes a real impact on the business decisions and the bottom line.”

George Barse

george barse
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Email Models

Includes English phrases that will help you state your message plain and clear

This eBook is a collection of easy to remember structures that you can use when you write emails. Use S.O.A.P for making recommendations, follow S.C.R.A.P when complaining and A.C.T to confirm agreements – for example.

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