English for account managers

Function & Industry Specific Business English Training

Our English training solutions for Account Managers are designed to develop, practice and transfer the language and skills you need to develop long-term relationships.

Typical training topics

  • Building rapport to build relationships
  • Introducing yourself, your role and expectations
  • Networking within your account
  • Developing relationships to provide stability and growth
  • Interviewing to uncover your customer’s needs and priorities
  • Qualifying needs
  • Participating in and running meetings
  • Facilitating workshops
  • Giving advice and making recommendations
  • Sharing updates and sowing seeds
  • Presenting with IMPACT
  • Influencing within your own organization
  • Negotiating with multiple stakeholders
  • Making proposals using NOSE
  • Communicating across cultures
  • Dealing with difficult situations
  • Communicating bad news

Training you to succeed globally

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“My clients tell me that it’s the personal relationships that give them the edge. To best support them, I seek to make the training as close as possible to their jobs so that when they join that meeting, make that presentation or take that call they can focus on the people and not get stuck on the nuts and bolts of the language.”

Roz Hewitt