English for project managers

Function & Industry Specific Business English Training

Our English for Project Managers solutions are designed to develop, practice and transfer the language and skills you need to be successful when managing international projects – and to ensure you deliver on time, on budget and for the contracted scope.

Typical training topics

  • Understanding the contract and the context
  • Building your project team
  • Launching a project
  • Presenting internally and externally
  • Planning and scheduling in English
  • Setting expectations and building frameworks
  • Discussing and clarifying roles, responsibilities and accountability
  • Leading meetings to deliver results
  • Managing others – tasking, delegating and feedback
  • Managing conflicts – time, resources and people
  • Communicating bad news
  • Communicating upwards
  • Making claims and proposing add-ons
  • Reporting status and updates
  • Working with contracts
  • Communicating change
  • Negotiating
  • Influencing across the project matrix
  • Communicating across distances (email, phone and collaborative technologies)
  • Communicating across cultures

Training you to succeed globally

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It can be difficult enough to manage the balance between scope, time and resources in your own language. When you need results from project members from other cultures and in another language this can be really hard. We look at the best ways of getting the job done through using the right language.”

Jonny West

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