HR Topic: Human Resource Health Insurance Questions

Working in HR and answering human resource health insurance questions can often be difficult, especially when you are dealing with people’s personal lives and their impact on work.  This definitely is the case when it comes to dealing with health insurance. Below are some common human resource health insurance questions in English.  The answers may be dependent on your company regulations, but a lot of these are also subject to German laws. It may be a good idea to practice by taking the questions in turns with one person being the employee and one the HR consultant.  This could help your department be better prepared and avoid any difficult situations that may arise.

Commonly asked human resource health insurance questions by employees

  • How long will the statutory health insurance cover you after the 6 weeks covered by the employer for an accident at work?
  • How can I get hold of a European Health Insurance Card? Can I get one just by working in Germany?
  • What are my health insurance entitlements if I am an intern / on secondment here?
  • If statutory health insurance covers all of these things then do I need private health insurance as well? What extra benefits does it bring?
  • How can I find out how much contribution is made to statutory health insurance?
  • If I already have private international health insurance coverage, can I opt out of the German statutory one?
  • Which private health insurance company should I choose? Does DP DHL have any recommendations/ deals with any of them?
  • Does joining a gym count as a preventative measure and is therefore covered by my statutory health insurance?


Let us know if you can think of any other health insurance questions that have come up, or suggestions on answers, in the comments area below.