Making the difference through customer service

Interpersonal Skills Training

About this training

Making the difference through customer service just makes sense. Quality and costs are no longer the only factors behind customer satisfaction – the customer service experience you deliver can make or break a long-term business relationship. Getting straight to the heart of the matter, this practical seminar challenges you to assess and improve your own approach to customer service using the world-class RATER model. Using reflective and experiential training techniques, you will be challenged to grow—individually and as a team. This customer service seminar is designed for all professionals working in a customer-facing role, whether internal or external.

Focus your conversation on the three dimensions of customer service.

Your outcomes

  • Identify and examine your customers’ fundamental service expectations
  • Understand and apply the RATER model to your specific needs
  • Prepare to maximize your customer impact during “moments of truth”
  • Develop your core communication skills to deliver a great customer-service experience
  • Plan to transfer the training to your workplace

Training content

  • Managing customer expectations – the essentials
  • Identifying customer excellence
  • Introducing and implementing RATER (Reliability, Assurance, Tangibility, Empathy, Responsiveness)
  • Recognizing and implementing RATER behaviors and language
  • Listening to learn, and learning to listen
  • Asking effective questions to uncover needs and priorities
  • Communicating appropriately via email and telephone
  • Giving bad news
  • Saying “no” without breaking the relationship
  • Maximizing your impact in “moments of truth”
  • Putting it into practice in your workplace

Apply the RATER model to customer communication.

Develop customer relationships through authentic communication.

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How to say no to customers

A practical guide for B2B service professionals

Great customer service doesn’t always mean saying yes to everything – and sometimes you can’t, shouldn’t or mustn’t say yes to every request. Sometimes you need to say no to customers. As counter-intuitive as it may sound, sometimes saying no is about building relationships!

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