Managing conflict

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About this training

This highly practical workshop on managing conflict is suitable for all professionals seeking to recognize, manage and solve conflicts effectively. It equips you with strategies to help you recognize, manage and solve conflicts quickly and effectively so you can get back to focusing on your job. If you are working with other teams or departments, or if you manage people or projects where conflict can be an issue, this seminar is for you.

Learn proven techniques for managing conflict in the workplace.

Your outcomes

  • Understand the nature of conflict and why it happens in the workplace
  • Recognize people’s needs and motivations in conflict situations
  • Develop strategies for dealing with conflicts before they arise
  • Learn how to create a safe environment for sharing information
  • Use a number of techniques for managing conflict
  • Practice essential communication skills for conflict resolution

Training content

What is conflict?
  • Understanding what conflict is and what it isn’t
  • Reviewing options for dealing with conflict
What do people want?
  • Understanding the 4 approaches to conflict and its resolution
  • Identifying your preferred conflict resolution style
  • Understanding the impact teams can have upon efforts to resolve conflict
Communication tools and techniques for handling conflict:
  • Listening effectively
  • Using self-reflecting language
  • Linking and building
  • Building accountability
  • Role-playing real situations to put new ideas into practice

Develop strategies for dealing with conflicts before they arise.

Understand the 4 approaches to conflict and its resolution.

james culver target training

“Conflicts come from many sources. Asking the right questions in the right way to the right people will get you to the root cause of a conflict more quickly.The answer may be surprising and not always as it seems at first glance! We’ll practice these skills, plus how to deal with the conflict once we’ve found the root cause.”

James Culver

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