Head, Hand & Heart: 3 elements all presentations need

Every presentation is different. Or is it? In this short video, Chris Slattery, Managing Director and training enthusiast, outlines the three elements all presenters need to keep in mind to make sure their presentations runs well. By keeping the key elements of head, hand and heart in mind even the most inexperienced presenter can deliver a clear and memorable message.

Discover more about how we integrate the Head, Hand and Heart model into our seminars here.

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  1. Régis Piron
    Régis Piron says:

    I find this video very interesting.
    We can find here the basis of a good presentation:
    – The head
    – The hand
    – The heart
    This video shows that it is necessary to consider not only the content (head) of the presentation (the knowledge, the data or the expertise)
    but also how we can connect the participants and keep them interested.
    The head is the subject of the presentation; the hand is body movements, the technique to give a message, the structure of the presentation (introduction, development, conclusion).
    The heart is how we say the things so that the presentation is alive and not boring, how we make sure to get and keep the attention of the participants.

    I think it is more difficult for a technician to use the hand or the heart than the head because here it is necessary to have some acting skills.
    But the 3 elements are important to make a good presentation.

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