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Interpersonal Skills Training

About this training

This training will support any professional who is looking for more clarity and purpose in the workplace. The tools are equally applicable to the organization, a department, and your personal career. Applied strategic thinking ensures that all your various activities are aligned and reinforce one another in support of your goal. This training will give you the tools and the skills you and your team needs.

Learn to invite challenges, ask tough questions and embrace conflict.

Your outcomes

  • Recognize the power of strategic thinking
  • Learn to select the appropriate analytical tools
  • Create a purpose statement
  • Practise the skill of developing a USP statement
  • Generate a balanced scorecard
  • Develop a plan to apply the power of strategy in your work life

Training content

  • Understanding the concept of competitive convergence
  • Mapping activity and identifying the strategic fit
  • Selecting the right analysis tools (PEST, Porter’s 5 Forces, Core Competence Analysis etc.)
  • Building a vision, mission and purpose
  • Laying the foundations with the change agenda
  • Drafting your strategy map
  • Planning implementation – measures and initiatives
  • Evaluating progress
  • Transferring training to your workplace

Building and sustaining trust in an executive team context.

Achieve success by creating flexible plans for the future.

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Email Models

Includes English phrases that will help you state your message plain and clear

This eBook is a collection of easy to remember structures that you can use when you write emails. Use S.O.A.P for making recommendations, follow S.C.R.A.P when complaining and A.C.T to confirm agreements – for example.

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