Sales for non-sales people

Sales & Customer Service Skills

Practice proven skills to build trust, interest, and commitment.
Build rapport with B2B and B2C partners.
Proven methods on building and maintaining your sales networks.

Sales for non-sales people

This sales for non-sales people seminar is for all professionals new to, or looking to become involved in, business development. Don’t think you are a salesperson?  Well, most salespeople don’t either when they begin working to help clients meet their goals. By dispelling the myths and focusing on key practical skills, this workshop will help you build confidence when working with leads and clients, giving you proven tips to promote your company’s services or products.

Your outcomes

  • Clear understanding of what sales is, and what it isn’t
  • See your products through your client’s eyes
  • A better understanding of why people buy
  • Proven methods on building and maintaining your sales networks
  • Build rapport with B2B and B2C partners
  • Practice proven skills to build trust, interest, and commitment
  • Develop and implement a realistic personal action plan
  • Virtual Delivery

  • Modular Delivery

  • Face to face Delivery

Training content

  • Understanding your starting position and objectives
  • Acknowledging attitudes to selling – myths and truths
  • Identifying what makes people buy
  • Understanding the core sales process from a client’s perspective
  • Clarifying prospects and planning initial activities
  • Establishing your objectives and applying them to every interaction
  • Building rapport with leads
  • Asking the right questions and listening to understand and uncover needs and priorities
  • Presenting your services
  • Influencing using practical selling techniques
  • Recognizing buying signals and using them to move the sales process along
  • Dealing with common and specific objections with confidence and authenticity
  • Making the sale
  • Managing your motivation
  • Customized for specific audience

  • Supported by guided learning / elearning

  • Adapt and intergrate in existing program

  • Flexible group size

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